About Derek & Chitundu

Derek was born and raised here in Winnipeg.

He got Started in Network Marketing while going to College & University, while a broke student with $30,000 in Debt and working 2 part time jobs.

In the first year in the profession made $3,000 part time and 10 years later in the last 24 Months have earned over a million dollars and has helped others achieve a 6 Figure Income.

See how Derek has in the last 24 Months:

  • Retired his parents
  • Bought them a new SUV
  • Started a non profit organization
  • Traveled all over Canada, USA & Australia Multiple times
  • And visited and Traveled to countries such as Dominican Republic, Mexico, Philippines, Japan, Zambia

YES you can from Winnipeg… earn Your Life Dream!

Educate yourself through Derek Gilson’s proven example and let him share why Relationship Marketing is so powerful to add to your portfolio of business.